Writing Room member produced radio play

Writing Room member Gill Parsons has produced a radio play, Giving.

Here, Gill shares her experience of The Writing Room and how it has helped her produce Giving.

Gill Parsons on The Writing Room.

“The Writing Room is a beacon for anyone wanting to hone their skills or even just get started in writing drama. For me and numerous others The Courtyard/Feral Writing Room continues to provide an environment to learn and progress. It gives writers the opportunity to create and develop dynamic and exciting dialogue. A place to find support, camaraderie and direction. It’s influenced how I think about what I write. But more than that, how I shape my characters and what they get up to is all in the mix. Crafting drama that provokes reactions in the audience is a large part of my motivation.

I first came across the Writing Room about 5 years ago. I’d been writing in different guises over many years: publishing journal articles, producing research papers, writing reports. All things I enjoyed doing but it was time for a change, for a different challenge. In fact, to tread a different path from the comfortable, familiar worlds I’d grown used to. That’s what it looks like now. In truth I might have been dragged kicking and screaming to this new and scary world.

When a friend suggested I join the Writing for the Stage Hereford Courtyard course she was attending, I froze. Me, do that? No way. I was fearful that if asked to come up with ideas, I’d be found seriously wanting. At the time a course of 3 workshops were on offer. With little time to think or reflect I said I’d ‘bite the bullet’. That was then and this is now.  I’m excited that a professional production of my black comedy radio drama ‘Giving’ has recently launched as a podcast. Support from Feral Productions and The Courtyard has been crucial in developing this. Success has followed: interest is being expressed to use and apply the work on higher education courses; and I’ve given interviews to hospital and local radio stations. With Arts Council funding this made and set in Hereford audio drama will I hope pave the way for others who might be afraid to take the plunge into creative writing to see they too can progress.

What plans do I have for future work?  I continue to attend the Writing Room and am now involved in working on a collaborative drama for Feral Productions and Open Sky Theatre being delivered for The Courtyard.”


Listen to Gill’s audio drama Giving below:

When three sisters come together to organise a party at the request of their elderly mother, they find themselves faced with an unexpected dilemma…




Written by Gill Parsons

Directed by Ellis Kerkhoven

Produced by Estelle van Warmelo

Sound Design by Adam Bertenshaw

Admin by Chloe Bradman


Anne played by Madi McMahon

Linda played by Sarah Pearman

Heather played by Kate Pothecary

Kimberley/Nurse played by Judith Eveson

Captain/Doctor played by Ellis Kerkhoven