Young Film Programmers – Our Exciting New Cinema Project

We’re absolutely thrilled to share some fantastic news with you all from The Courtyard Cinema. We’ve just launched our brand-new “Young Film Programmers” project, all thanks to the generous support of BFI Film Audience Network and Film Hub Midlands.

We’ve always prided ourselves as the premier cultural spot in the region, and now we’re taking our commitment to the next level. Young Film Programmers is a ground-breaking initiative aimed at promoting diverse stories and increasing access to independent film for underrepresented groups. This project has been made possible with support from Film Hub Midlands through funds from the National Lottery, underscoring The Courtyard’s commitment to fostering a more inclusive and vibrant cultural scene.

Diversity and inclusion have always been at the heart of what we do. We’ve celebrated women in film, made sure our screenings are accessible to all, and highlighted the wonderful world of LGBTQ+ storytelling. Now, with Young Film Programmers, we’re taking things a step further. Our young and dynamic team – Georgia Grace, Emily Mason, and Finn Meredith – are spearheading the effort to curate a fantastic selection of films that resonate with our community’s interests and needs.

Young Programmers L R Georgia Grace And Emily Mason
Young Programmers Georgia Grace And Emily Mason

The best part? These passionate young film enthusiasts are getting paid roles, giving them the chance to learn the ropes of film programming, marketing, and audience development. They’ll be soaking up knowledge through workshops, screenings, and one-on-one mentorship to become experts in the field.

Our Young Programmers are set to deliver two films each month, primarily aimed at those under 25 and families.

And we’re not stopping there! We’re working on innovative marketing strategies and planning special events to enhance your cinema experience. Our project kicked off with a screening of the ’90s classic, “Clueless,” followed by a ’90s film quiz and discounted drinks at The Courtyard’s Bar. The Young Programmers also have spooky plans for Halloween!

Our Young Film Programmers project at The Courtyard Hereford aims to cultivate a deeper appreciation for independent films among our younger audience. By involving young people in every aspect of programming and audience development, we want to create an authentic and engaging cinema experience that truly resonates with our community.

Ethan Hargreaves, our Young Film Programmers Project Manager, is beyond excited about the project. He says, “I’m thrilled to kickstart this project. We’re not only getting fantastic input and research from these young programmers, but we’re also helping them build their skills and forge a career in film and cinema. We’ve got a fun launch event planned and some classic scary movies for Halloween too!”

If you’re between 14 and 30, we’ve got some fantastic perks for you. We offer free memberships that’ll get you £3 cinema tickets and discounts on live events and at the Café Bar. So, if you’re in that age range, don’t hesitate to join the Courtyard Card and be part of the action. Even our younger friends under 13 can join in the fun with Courtyard Club. You can find all the details online at

Get ready for some truly epic cinema experiences, brought to you by The Courtyard Hereford. It’s time to embrace the world of independent films, and we can’t wait to see what our “Young Film Programmers” have in store for you. Let the movie magic begin! 🎬🍿✨