Youth Theatre Fancy Dress Fundraiser

Youth Theatre Fundraiser

Members of The Courtyard Youth Theatre have been busy getting into fancy dress, raising money for the Courtyard’s Give The Green Light fundraiser.

The Youth Theatre are trying to raise £775 to pay for a new LED light to go into the Courtyard Theatre’s Main House.

To help raise money, they recently held a fancy dress week. Members paid a pound to come dressed up and compete for ‘Best Green Outfit’.

There were cartoon characters, fairies and all sorts of amazing green creations!


Winner – Max Peace (Courtyard Year 4) | Runners up – Pearl Serghiou (Courtyard Year 5), Issey Bilyard (Bromyard) & Holly Weal (Ross)

A young boy dressed up in a green robe, wearing a leaf crown and leaf face paint.             A young girl dressed up with sea creatures stuck to her and green scarves handing from her hands.        A young girl dressed up as Shrek with her hands up by her shoulders        A girl dressed in a white shirt and Shrek ears stands in front of a Courtyard Youth Theatre banner


The Courtyard’s Give The Green Light Appeal


Give The Green Light logoWe want to bring vibrant energy to The Courtyard with 140 sleek, eco-friendly LED lights with endless possibilities for creative lighting design. From soft hues to bold colours in all three of our performance spaces, we hope to raise the necessary funds for installation in August 2025.

Converting to LEDs will slash our electricity usage by 90%, cutting our carbon footprint by 9,000kg yearly. The financial savings mean more resources for our community education and outreach programme. We’ve been on a mission to go green for the past decade – championing initiatives from recycling to harnessing solar power with PV panels on our roof – to move closer to our net zero emissions goal by 2035. Your donation isn’t just a contribution; it’s an investment in a brighter, greener future for our community and beyond. Together, let’s light up The Courtyard and our world with possibility.


The whole project cost is £379,000 and we hope to raise £25,000 or more from this public appeal. You can make a suggested donation of £25 or, if able, donate to ‘purchase’ a light from the shopping list below. Celebrate a special birthday or anniversary, remember someone who loved the Arts, or if you’re an organisation or business, shine a spotlight on your support for this fantastic charity.


Find out more about supporting The Courtyard here.