Youth Theatre is back!

It’s Youth Theatre, but not as we know it!

This week saw the long-awaited return of our Youth Theatre sessions. Our Youth Theatre members have always found exciting ways to create drama, but due to restrictions we were all faced with a new challenge… How do we create when we aren’t even in the same room?

There were so many unknowns to be faced in facilitating a drama workshop through Zoom, from wi-fi problems to audio mishaps and realising that, quite frankly, some of our members might just be a bit Zoomed-out!

However, even when having to mime through a screen and work through any technical difficulties, our YT members were still able to transform their own rooms into beaches, restaurants and strange planets. Through their expert mime skills, they could also turn themselves into astronauts, animals and even kitchen appliances!

Feedback from our first online session was very positive, with reports that our leaders did “an incredible job in difficult circumstances” and that our members “can’t wait for next week’s session.”.

However, it wouldn’t have worked without the enthusiasm of our participants and we can look forward to exploring drama through props, art and writing drawing in the weeks to come.

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