Best of brass | Being part of a Brass Band

With our next fundraiser ‘Best of Brass’ just a few weeks away, we catch up with one of the Herefordshire Youth Brass Band member’s, Owen, who gives us an insight into his experiences of playing in a brass band.

‘Playing with the brass band is unlike anything I’ve ever done. The companionship and friendliness across the entire band – from the cornets to the tuba – is something I’ve yet to really experience elsewhere and I have always loved it.

During my time in the band, I have seen people come and go and a change in conductor, now John Griffiths, but we still have always had that same feeling of togetherness that I mentioned previously. Upon joining the band I felt instantly welcomed and quickly started to feel at home.

Playing in a brass band is an experience I would recommend to any brass player as I truly feel it has contributed to my love for music and for my instruments.

The junior and senior bands are both excellent on their own but, together, it is really fun and it doesn’t feel like there are any age gaps or separate groups of people, as we all come together as one!’

Best of Brass
Owen Wake

BEST OF BRASS will be in The Courtyard’s Main House on the 9 June at 7.30pm. To book tickets for Best of Brass click here, or for more information contact the Box Office on 01432 340555.


This is a joint fundraiser for The Courtyard and The Music Pool.

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