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The Courtyard Board

The Courtyard Board

The Courtyard Board is made up of passionate members of Herefordshire’s community, businesses and creative arts industry.

The Courtyard Board

Mrs Alison Palfrey (Board Member)

Mr Bruce Freeman (Board Member)

Dr Catherine Chima-Okereke (Board Member)

Mr David Fowler (Board Member)

Mrs Emma Forrest (Board Member)

Mrs Joanna Cobb (Chairman)

Ms Stephanie Allen (Board Member)

Mr Steve Liddle (Deputy Chairman)

Mr Tom McEwen (Board Member)


Name: Ms Alison Vermee
Arts Council England (West Midlands)

Name: Olle Grove
Staff Representative
Email Address: oliver.grove@courtyard.org.uk

Name: Evan Pardoe-Matthews
Youth Theatre Representative

Name: Charlotte Bryon
Youth Theatre Representative

In Attendance

Name: Mr Matt Coles (Commercial Manager)

Name: Mr Ian Archer (Chief Executive & Artistic Director)

Name: Mrs Mel Langford – minute secretary (Administrator & PA to the Chief Executive)

Name: Mrs Sally Hodge (Head of Finance)
Email: sally.hodge@courtyard.org.uk 

The Board positions are time limited and the Board would welcome interest from potential new Directors. If you’re interested in joining The Courtyard Board, in the first instance, please email the Chief Executive at ian.archer@courtyard.org.uk