The Courtyard Board

The Courtyard Board is made up of passionate members of Herefordshire’s community, businesses and creative arts industry.

The Courtyard Board

Matthew Baker (Board Member)

Michelle Cooper (Board Member)

Emma Forrest (Board Member)

Bruce Freeman (Chairman)

Laura Gale (Board Member)

Laura Hall (Board Member)

Julia Hayes (Board Member)

Steve Liddle (Deputy Chairman)

Alison Palfrey (Board Member)

Paul Stevens (Board Member)


Mr Peter Stones
Arts Council England (West Midlands)

Ellen Dorsett (Staff Representative)

In Attendance

Ian Archer (Chief Executive & Artistic Director)

David Durant (Associate Director)

Martin Fletcher (Head of Finance) 

Mrs Mel Langford – minute secretary (Administrator & PA to the Chief Executive)

Phil Pearcy (Operations Manager)

Jessica Prosser (Head of Marketing & Sales)

Richard Flinn (Head of Food & Drink)