Cookie The Courtyard Bear is a World-Renowned Superstar!

A few months ago we found out that Cookie The Courtyard Bear is a world-renowned superstar when Ramsey from the United States of America wrote him a letter to ask for his autograph!

Ramsey’s Letter

The letter arrived in a beautifully decorated envelope, covered in brightly coloured stickers with pictures of cats and dogs.

Envelope to The Courtyard from Ramsey in the USA covered in stickers with dogs and cats on.

The envelope was addressed to Cookie and he was so excited to open it! Inside he found a lovely letter from Ramsey that said…

A letter to Cookie The Courtyard Bear from Ramsey (text in blogpost)

“Dear Cookie, I am sending you a big bear hug all the way from the United States! Wish I could meet you someday. I’m collecting autographs from mascots all over the world. If you could send me yours, that would be great! I hope you’re doing well. Thank you for your time! Have a wonderful day! Lots of love, Ramsey”

And they had drawn love hearts, paw prints, and cookies. All of Cookie The Courtyard Bear’s favourite things.

Cookie couldn’t believe that someone as far as away as America would know who he is, let alone want his autograph. Unfortunately, Cookie struggles with writing because his paws are too big to hold a pen easily. This didn’t put him off though! He spent weeks and weeks practising his signature. He was determined to respond to Ramsey’s request!

Cookie’s Letter

When he’d finally cracked it he asked one of his human friends who works at The Courtyard to write a special message which he signed in rainbow colours. This is what his message said…

“Dear Ramsey, Thank you for writing to Cookie from so far away! He struggles with writing so he’s asked us to say this… Hello Ramsey, A great, big bear hug back to you all the way from Hereford in England. I’ve been sad recently because I haven’t been able to go to the theatre but I’m looking forward to watching shows and films with my friends again reeeeeeally soon! I think you should do the same because it’s the most fun in the world. I’m sorry it’s taken me a while to get back to you, I had to learn how to write my name specially! I hope you like it very much indeed… Lots of love from Cookie & The Courtyard Team”

A letter from Cookie The Courtyard Bear to Ramsey in the USA (text in blogpost) Cookie The Courtyard Bear's signature written in rainbow colours

Cookie’s letter is currently on it’s long journey across the pond and we hope it arrives with Ramsey safely soon. Have you ever got the signature from someone famous? Send us pictures on Twitter @CourtyardArts if you have. We’d love to see them!