Cookie The Courtyard Bear took a trip to Hereford Hospital!

He felt very welcomed and loved meeting the children!

Last week we took a trip to Hereford Hospital with Cookie The Courtyard Bear. We had a fantastic tour of the hospital, felt warmly welcomed by all staff, patients and families that we met, and found it an incredibly rewarding experience to be able to bring some joy to the people of Hereford Hospital.

We started on the children’s ward…

A young girl hugging Cookie The Courtyard Bear in a hospital ward
Making friends!


Cookie met some wonderful children and families up in the children’s ward. Everyone was incredibly friendly and came to say hello, some even gave Cookie a hug!

We also had a tour of the hospital and a visit to A&E…

The staff at the children’s ward very kindly took us on a tour of the hospital, so we could meet many more friendly faces, and it was really lovely to see everyone so excited to meet Cookie. We got to see where the ambulances come in and out…

Cookie The Courtyard Bear stood outside an ambulance
The hospital’s newest paramedic?


As well as an exclusive tour inside one!

Cookie The Courtyard bear sitting in an ambulance with a paramedic and nurse


Cookie says:

“I loved meeting so many lovely humans, both NHS staff and children, and felt very welcomed by all the hugs and hi fives! It was a paw-some time and I could bear-ly contain my excitement sitting in the ambulance!”

Ellen, The Courtyard’s Youth & Communities Participation Manager, also said:

“The Courtyard Education team love to go out in to the community and visiting the Children’s ward was a real privilege.”

Cookie The Courtyard Bear standing on a hospital ward with two nurses
Making more new friends!


It’s always so lovely to visit the children and staff at Hereford County Hospital and we have been eager to get back after a long break due to the pandemic. We have loads happening for children at The Courtyard and it’s fantastic to be able to bring some of the joy we experience every day to families having a difficult, and sometimes scary, time. We hope they enjoyed spending the day with us as much as we did with them!”

Robyn, Marketing & Audience Development Manager

Thank you so much again to everyone who made us feel so welcome. Our next trip to Hereford Hospital will be with our Dick Whittington cast, and they cannot wait to meet all the children and staff!