Courtyard Declares Climate Emergency

The Courtyard have joined forces with a host of other arts and cultural organisations across the UK and Herefordshire Council to declare a Climate and Ecological Emergency.


In October 2018 the world’s leading climate scientists warned that we have only 12 years to make the necessary changes to how we live that will keep global warming to a maximum of 1.5°C and reduce risks of extreme heat, drought, floods and poverty. The Courtyard is committed to reducing the effect of its activities on the environment. Over the past few years the organisation has measured and taken significant action to reduce its environmental impact.


As part of its declaration, The Courtyard has pledged to: encourage its staff, stakeholders and visitors to discover the truth about the Climate and Ecological Emergency and its impact; take action to reduce its carbon emissions and consumption levels to sustainable levels and encourage others to do the same and work to enable dialogue and expression amongst all our communities and stakeholders about how the Climate Emergency will affect them, the changes that are needed and the social justice issues involved.


The Courtyard already has an established staff Eco Group who have produced an Eco Action Plan and already seen a 44% reduction in carbon emissions since measurements started being monitored in 2010.


Courtyard commitment to sustainability


Other achievements include the installation of solar panels on the roof which now generate 10% of The Courtyard’s electricity, integration of Smart Water Management Systems, hosting a Beryl Bike station, the use of which has seen over 1000 miles of 0% carbon emissions travel to The Courtyard, establishing a contract with Veolia waste management enabling them to divert 100% of the organisations waste from landfill and the introduction of the reusable Courtyard Cup, reducing single use plastic.


Due to the success of its Artistic, Education & Outreach programmes, The Courtyard’s Audience Travel Carbon Footprint has increased to 619 tonnes CO2e and they are now asking audiences to consider their own carbon footprint when visiting the arts centre. Sharing lifts, taking advantage of The Courtyard’s bicycle and Beryl Bike stations and bringing refillable water bottles are just some of the things that visitors can do to help.


For more information about The Courtyard’s Climate Emergency Declaration email Phil Pearcy or call 01432 346530.