Courtyard’s Curtis Takes On Charitable Run

Curtis Fulcher, our Head of Marketing and Sales, at The Courtyard, will be running the Cheltenham Half Marathon on Sunday 27 September to raise money to support The Courtyard’s growing community work with people of all ages throughout Herefordshire.

Curtis has been working at The Courtyard for the past four years and feels the charity is a worthwhile cause to be running for.

When I asked him about the challenge Curtis said, “I’m in the middle of training and it’s a new challenge for me. 2016 will be an interesting time in the life of The Courtyard, so I am taking on this challenge to raise money that will support the work we do with young people in Herefordshire communities. This running quest is the next step and every penny counts!”

He’s definitely been working hard and it’s been the talk of the office. Today he even showed off his snazzy marathon outfit, headband and all, to all the Box Office staff.

For those who don’t know, the Cheltenham Half Marathon is a 13.1 mile diverse course combining regency splendour with bags of Cotswold charm, all topped off by the majestic Cheltenham racecourse bathed in the autumn sun. Sounds fab, no?

Have you ever run 13.1 miles? If yes scroll down a little bit. If no scroll down a little bit more.

Wow, well done you! That means you know how hard it is and how much encouragement donations give charity runners. Follow the link at the bottom of the page to donate and support Curtis and The Courtyard!

How lazy! Just kidding – you’re just like me, super impressed that anyone would even attempt such a thing but not enough to put on my running shoes. Instead I’ll do my bit by donating via the link at the bottom of the page and continuing to watch Netflix and chill, perhaps you could do the same!

Curtis has set a target fundraising amount of £500 and is looking for donations online.