Cult Classics

As well as hosting a range of blockbuster hits, The Courtyard Cinema prides itself on screening a range of independent films, foreign language films and locally made shorts.

Over the past year, Head of Film Simon Nicholls has been firmly establishing a Cult Classics line-up into an already eclectic programme of screenings. As the name suggests, titles include a range of classic ‘cult’ films such as Pulp Fiction (18), Easy Rider (18), The Wicker Man (15), A Clockwork Orange (18) and Midnight Cowboy (18).

Our Cult Classics programme gives audiences an opportunity to see classic films that they love in their ‘natural habitat’ of the big screen. Thanks to our specialist equipment and projectionist, we are also able to show films in their intended format such as films that are shot on a 35mm print. This allows a feeling of nostalgia for viewers and also honours the film maker’s intentions when creating and shooting the film in a specific format.

“Due to our ever changing social climate, screening classics often enables audiences to identify relevant elements in older films.” Says Simon, “An example of this is the #metoo movement and its prevalence in A Clockwork Orange’s themes of misogyny and violence.”

Cult Classics can be viewed by new audiences from a new perspective and many of the key elements and themes of these films have more relevance now than when they were originally released.

In October 2019 a Halloween screening of An American Werewolf In London (15) was preceded by short film Nightfall (15) made by local company Wye Valley Films which told the story of a young photography student who, whilst out trekking, comes across a small village that holds a deadly secret.

This month we will be showing a BAFTA nominated short animation by Hereford artist Fred Griffiths before the screening of Midnight Cowboy (18). My Dad’s Name Was Huw. He Was An Alcoholic Poet is an intimate and insightful documentary short unraveling the state of mind of Fred’s late alcoholic father through the poems he left behind, featuring the voice talents of Owen Teale. Book tickets to Midnight Cowboy (18) and see Fred’s animation for free.