Customer forms

Abseiling Form

To fill in after purchasing your Abseil for The Courtyard.

Thank you for booking on to The Courtyard Abseil! We are required to collect the following information before your abseil. Please fill out one form per participant, but keep the Bookers name as whoever it was booked under so we can match your form with your order.

Booker Details

Please complete the name and email you used to book under, so we can match the form with your order.
The name you booked under so we can match the form with your order.
The email address you used to book with.

Participant Details

Please give full information of the person who is taking part in the abseil.
Max 18 stone
Please inform The Boulder Barn instructor on the day of the event of any changes since the completion of this form. We pride ourselves on our ability to cater for individual needs, however, should it be deemed that someone’s condition or ability put that person or others at risk then they will not be allowed to participate. The more notice we have of any special requirements the more able we are to cater for your needs.

Emergency Contact

This must be different to the parent/legal guardian accompanying a child during the abseil for circumstances where the emergency involves the parent/legal guardian.


We would love to share photos we take of you on the day on our website, marketing materials and social media. By giving your consent for us to do this, you’ll also be able to share these photos with your loved ones!

Terms & Conditions

Please read the below Terms & Conditions thoroughly.
Please read the Participation Information Pack here fully before agreeing to the Terms & Conditions.