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A male dancer lifts a female dancer into the air over his shoulder in front of a tree
The Winter’s Tale – ROH Live

Choreography Christopher Wheeldon Scenario Christopher Wheeldon and Joby Talbot Music Joby Talbot Designer Bob Crowley Lighting Designer Natasha Katz Projection…

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A group of ballerinas stood on stage Fake snow falls around them
The Nutcracker – ROH Live

The Royal Ballet THE NUTCRACKER Live in cinemas: Tuesday 12 December 2023, 7.15pm GMT Running time 170 minutes (including one…

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A dancer on stage wearing a white dress holds her arms in the air looking upwards The shadows of her arms moving up and down at the side of her
Swan Lake – ROH Live

Choreography Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov Additional Choreography Liam Scarlett and Frederick Ashton Music Pyotr Il’yich Tchaikovsky Production Liam Scarlett…

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Two people kneel on stage getting married Surrounding them characters wearing all black look shocked
Rusalka – ROH Encore

Music Antonín Dvořák Conductor Semyon Bychkov Created by Natalie Abrahami and Ann Yee Directors Ann Yee and Natalie Abrahami Set…

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A man standing on one hand dancing with his legs in the air Behind him other dancers cheer him on
Message in a Bottle – ROH Encore

Directed and choreographed by Kate Prince Based on the songs of Sting with ZooNation: The Kate Prince Company Special Screening:…

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A group of dancers on stage dressed in leotards holding a female dancer above their heads
MacMillan Celebrated – ROH Live

Choreography Kenneth Macmillan Danses Concertantes Music Igor Stravinsky Designer Nicholas Georgiadis Lighting Designer John B. Read Cast TBC Different Drummer…

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A woman with an elaborate hairstyle and dress spinning round in a circle throwing petals
Madama Butterfly – ROH Encore

Music Giacomo Puccini Conductor Kevin John Edusei Directors Moshe Leiser and Patrice Caurier Set Designer Christian Fenouillat Costume Designer Agostino…

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Two dancers on stage A man holds a woman with one arm lifting her in the air They look at each other
Manon – ROH Live

Choreography Kenneth Macmillan Music Jules Massenet Orchestration Martin Yates Designer Nicholas Georgiadis Lighting designer Jacopo Pantani Conductor Koen Kessels Cast…

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