Diary of a Badminton Player

Saturday 5 October 2024 19:45

This event is not bookable online. Please call the box office on 01432 340555 or pop into the foyer to book in person.

Tickets from: £15.00 to £16.00

Event Information

Duration: 1 hours 20 minutes

Colin Cosgrove is a busy man. He’s running badminton training sessions, his supply teaching job is going ‘great guns’ and his food delivery work keeps him busy on a Saturday night. But then it all starts to go a little bit wrong. Is he losing his mojo? Can he get it back? Can he maintain his status as a top badminton celebrity in Worcester?

Diary of a Badminton Player is a show about the difficulties of ageing and finding things to do all while trying to remain a local hero. Enjoy this hilarious sequence of shenanigans and take one of Colin’s badminton lessons, learn to draw and maybe even offer him large sums of money! Will things continue to go downhill, or is there hope for him and all of us as we write the next chapter in our lives?

Find out more and learn some pro sporting moves along the way!
Suitable for all ages and players of all racket sports.


5 Stars Meet Colin Codsgrove. Well, you probably know him already. He’s the man who, depending on the intensity of your cynicism, is either someone who – despite their questionable talents – refuses to give up the struggle, or is the sad geek who insists on continually adding to his tragic heap of hopelessness. Yes, you know Colin. Oh yes, you do. Think about it. He’s the guy you’re sitting opposite on a train journey from London to Carlisle, the obsessive who bores you to the state of mental collapse, banging on about a subject in which you have not the slightest interest. Written and performed by Steve Wilson, this play is, at times, almost frighteningly revealing. But crucially, it is a fine-tuned observation of the human condition. And it is simply brilliant. Wilson’s keen sense of comic timing that never fails to hit the mark. And despite the lingering shadows of human frailty being ever-present, the humour of the piece always somehow manages to dilute the innate tragedy of the subject. Diary of a Badminton Player is surely one of this summer’s must-see theatrical experiences. Deftly directed by Owen Harper of Worcester Theatres, this is the funniest, yet most poignant play I have seen for some time, and is thoroughly recommended.


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