Senior Youth Theatre Show: Dorian Gray

Thursday 25 July 2024 To Saturday 27 July 2024

This event is not bookable online. Please call the box office on 01432 340555 or pop into the foyer to book in person.

Tickets from: £12.00 to £14.00

Event Information

Duration: 2 hours 20 minutes

Step into a world where reality and illusion blur, where the allure of social media distorts our own reflections. The Courtyard Senior Youth Theatre proudly presents an enthralling contemporary adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s timeless masterpiece, The Picture of Dorian Gray.

In this bold rendition, prepare to question the façade we project to the world as you witness the journey of Dorian Gray, a young and impressionable soul who becomes entangled in the snare of digital vanity.

Expertly brought to life by The Courtyard Senior Youth Theatre, our talented young cast brings a modern vibrancy to Wilde’s timeless characters, seamlessly blending the past and the present. Illuminating the pitfalls of technological obsession, we navigate the fine line between self-expression and self-destruction.

Join us for a theatrical experience like no other as The Courtyard Senior Youth Theatre presents Dorian Gray. Prepare to be captivated and challenged by this contemporary interpretation of Oscar Wilde’s timeless tale.