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This event is not bookable online. Please call the box office on 01432 340555 or pop into the foyer to book in person.

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Event Information

Company: Really Big Pants Theatre Company
Duration: 1 hours 0 minutes

Free pre-activity from 10.30am: Re-write the classic fairy tales!

Really Big Pants Theatre Company Present: Suddenly…!
by Joe Bromley and Willow Nash
A storytelling show for ages 6+
Running time 50 minutes

Ready for a quest that puts a twist in the tail of traditional tales?

Red loves bedtime stories with Grandma. But one evening, as they settle down with ‘Once upon a time…’, they are interrupted by their wily neighbour, Mr Wolfe, and a race begins to save their treehouse from a faulty genie and a wicked stepmother (with a weakness for ‘stuff’) – before midnight!

Meet a magic mirror! Persuade a bird of paradise to lay an egg! Take a trip on a flying carpet! And can you help Edwin, Mr Wolfe’s spoilt but lonely son, start his own story?

“You rock! I am so encouraged to read more” Hannah, age 8, Brentwood Theatre

“FANTASTIC. Funny, educational and engaging – a great hour for the kids” Parent, Chiswick Book Festival

“Amazing! You are such wonderful storytellers – your acting and audience interaction is fantastic. We’ll come again and again until my children outgrow you!” Parent, Watermill Theatre



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