The Dupes (Al-Makhdu’un) (15)

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Duration: 1 hours 47 minutes
Genre: Drama

Banned for decades, Egyptian director Tewfik Saleh’s uncompromising film is shatteringly prescient.

Three Palestinian refugees, a boy, a younger and an elderly man, each with their own back story, attempt to flee to Kuwait through a blisteringly hot desert, concealed in the empty tank of a truck. From the novella by Ghassan Kanafani – a militant intellectual assassinated by Mossad in 1972 – this allegorical statement on the Palestinian struggle makes for urgent viewing. Simple in structure, it’s more shocking for the directness with which the story is told.

“…there is no individual salvation from a collective tragedy… this is the lesson that history teaches us every day.”
Tewfik Saleh, Dossiers du cinéma