Feral Tales

Hereford theatre company, Feral Productions, are launching three digital theatre pieces inspired by #IsolationCreations!

Our friends, Hereford based theatre company Feral Productions present Feral Tales this October!

In the midst of a global pandemic, we worked alongside Feral Productions to establish a project titled Isolation Creations, issuing a public call for creative submissions drawn from the creators’ response to lockdown measures. The call out resulted in a raft of cross-artform submissions that were shared and celebrated and can still be viewed online here.

Feral Productions selected three of the #IsolationCreation submissions to be developed into digital theatre pieces and visited their locations.

Feral then researched the history of the buildings with Hereford Archives to unearth untold stories. Estelle van Warmelo and Herefordshire based poet Sara-Jane Arbury wrote and developed three spoken-word scripts from what they discovered… The Tale of White Cottage, The Tale of Meadow House and The Tale of Butcher’s Alley.

Feral Tales Illustrations

Set in three atmospheric locations found in Hereford city, the Golden Valley and the market town of Ledbury. The pieces reflect genuine historical experiences of past residents from each building. Their experiences have parallels with modern lockdown life — be it restriction, illness or apprehension.

Watch Feral Tales here from Friday 9 October 

“The project has convinced us that there is room for such a thing as ‘site-specific digital theatre’. The delight of the process has been in discovering that each venue has a mystery hidden within its walls, unfolding through our research with Hereford Archives. The past, it turns out, has an amazing synchronicity with the present.” – Feral Productions Artistic Director Estelle van Warmelo


Header image: Alison Allan plays Julia in The Tale Of Meadow House