Film shot at The Courtyard gains International Recognition

Local theatre company Open Sky filmed their digital theatre film on The Courtyard stage during lockdown, and it’s now gaining international recognition in the London International Mime Festival

In March 2021 The Courtyard Hereford was happy to support local company Open Sky Theatre in turning their play Cold into a feature length digital theatre film. During lockdown, whilst the venue was closed to the public, the mainstage was filled with trees and fake snow and for two weeks became a film set.

We’re delighted to announce that the resulting film has already garnered national and international recognition!

First it was programmed as part of the prestigious London International Mime Festival. The film can be watched online (pay what you decide) as part of the festival until the 6 February 2022:

Last week the film was awarded three international film awards, Best Indie Feature and Best Female Filmmaker from the Berlin International Art Film Festival and also Best Lead Actress from The Sipontum Arthouse International Film Festival.

You can read a 4* review of the film here.


PLOT: Cold is a dark fairy tale for adults. A couple attend an ante-natal hospital appointment before being mysteriously transported to a bleak frozen forest. Lost in the woods, freezing, unable to speak and hunted by a terrifying beast they must save themselves and their unborn child. In their desperation they stumble upon an abandoned cabin. So begins a struggle for survival in which they must face the hostile elements, malign magical forces and a truly terrible choice…


“Go and see COLD when it comes out. It’s an extraordinary and powerful and important piece of work that moved me more than I could have imagined.” – Julia Bueno, Psychotherapist & Author of ‘The Brink of Being’

Starring Janet Etuk & Jacob Meadows. Written & Directed by Claire Coaché & Lisle Turner. Produced by Alison King & Lisle Turner. Music by Jonny Pilcher. Edited by Flaura Atkinson. Designed by Carl Davies. Cinematography by Dominic Bartels.

“To take pain and make something beautiful from it is extraordinary enough, but COLD goes even further than that. It is theatrically ingenious, bold and arresting, and unflinchingly addresses what might be the most defining and universal of all human experiences – loss.” – Gareth McLean, Journalist (Guardian, Radio Times.)

 Turtle Key Arts present an Open Sky production COLD in partnership with Courtyard, Hereford. Supported by Fertility Fest, Antenatal Results & Choices (ARC) and The Miscarriage Association.
Funded by Arts Council England, The Elmley Foundation and Herefordshire Community Foundation.

A woman in the foetal position lay on the snowy ground