Gifts and Legacies


All organisations have to plan for the future. The Courtyard is no exception. We are fortunate to have a loyal and supportive audience, but to be able to grow and develop what we offer comes at a price. Even if you are unable donate on a regular basis now, you can choose to remember The Courtyard in your will, alongside your instructions for family and friends. Legacies can support every aspect of our work including looking after this wonderful venue, helping communities throughout Herefordshire or nurturing young people to become future creative talents. It doesn’t need to be thousands of pounds; even £100 will make a difference.
Leaving a legacy is something that almost everyone can do. Your last, most personal gift will help The Courtyard to thrive and grow. Think about it: what was your favourite show? The pantomime you laughed at with your family? The film you loved seeing? You can offer all these experiences you’ve enjoyed during your lifetime to future generations. 
Bruce Freeman, current Chair of The Courtyard Board, says, ‘We recognize that making a will, and thinking about when we are no longer here, is difficult. When I made my will quite recently, I focused on my life and on who, and what, had been most important to me during that time. Of course, my family featured strongly, but my thoughts also turned to The Courtyard, a place I treasure. If, like me, you truly love this place, and want to help secure its future for others to enjoy, like your family, then making a legacy is just one way to do just that. Every donation is precious to us and, I promise you, it will be really appreciated.’
The Courtyard recently received a legacy via an executor and we have chosen to set this aside to support our new Give The Green Light Appeal which launches May 2024. This appeal aims to raise £25,000 towards swapping out the show and ambient lighting to low energy LEDs in our three performance spaces. Using a legacy in this way creates its own legacy in supporting our future sustainability.

One locally based law firm currently supports The Courtyard through our Business Club and sponsorship, and also offers a will writing service: Gabbs Solicitors offices can be found in Hereford, Leominster and Hay on Wye. 

The Courtyard has also joined Remember a Charity, a national organisation which supports charities such as ourselves to increase legacy giving. For more information about writing or updating your will, please visit Making a Will. This helpful guide provides guidance to the steps you need to take.

Remember A Charity members including ourselves can also benefit from the exclusive 20% discount will-writing offer through Co-op Legal Services. This enables Courtyard supporters in England and Wales* to start their will online or via telephone and access prompt legal advice from Co-op’s specialist advisory team, giving you access to affordable Will-writing and expert guidance along the way.

If you are in England and Wales* you can use the telephone number 0330 606 9578 and quote RACWILLS01. There is also an online service Coop Legal Services – Remember a Charity. This page also contains the telephone number and a call back request option. Prices start from only £99 + VAT (£118.80) for a standard single will.

*Co-op Legal Services do not currently operate in Scotland or Northern Ireland, however you are still able to used the online will service at Bequeathed

If you are thinking about remembering The Courtyard in your will, please contact the Head of Fundraising, Melanie Denning, in strictest confidence, This is merely advisory: we don’t need to know what amount you are pledging and we will respect your preferences about future contact regarding your legacy intentions. Thankyou.