Growing up in Herefordshire, with Melissa Johns

Melissa Johns returns home to Hereford for the last night of her tour.

Her debut play SNATCHED is a “Searingly honest, witty and entertaining piece” coming to The Courtyard Friday 1 July 2022.

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Born in Hereford and raised in Ledbury, Melissa Johns debut play is set in the 90’s/ 00’s. So we asked Melissa, in a very 90’s pop magazine way, to:

“Tell me you grew up in Herefordshire without telling me you grew up in Herefordshire…”

Snatched - Melissa Johns, a blonde young woman holding a big red phone

The utter excitement of walking around Tammy Girl with your mum and picking an outfit to wear for Ledbury Swift’s Disco’s.
Then going to the next level and catching the 476 DRM bus into town with your mates. That first sniff of independence.

Holding your nose whilst walking around the butter market. Maybe that was just me

Queuing up outside TIME nightclub aged 14 ready for Nappy Nights.

Guessing someone’s age depending on what they called the nightclub on commercial road… Marilyns, DUSK, TIME, Fusion…

Seeing the sweat light up on the walls of the jailhouse.

Getting picked up outside Mr Chips.

“No, not Hertfordshire. Herefordshire.
Yes, where the SAS camp is”.

Driving down country lanes on light summer nights, listening to music with your best mates and promising that you’ll always find time to come home to see each other even when you move away.


Coming home for Christmas, meeting up with mates and ending up in the Kerry dancing to “teenage dirtbag” with George who you haven’t seen since year 8.

Listening to the answer “ooooooh” when asked which high school you went to.
Every school gets the “ooooooh” response.

Hearing people try to mimic a Herefordshire accent. “No. We aren’t from Bristol”.

Constantly moaning about the place when you’re growing up then becoming an adult and realising how truly beautiful the county is.

Disabled artist, Melissa Johns in a scrown and a sash, stood next to an award.


Friday 1 July, 7.30pm
Written and Performed by Melissa Johns,
Directed and Co-devised by Lily Levin.

Snatched is a fast-paced, uplifting one woman show accompanied by a live 90’s/00’s soundtrack. In 2018, disabled actor, Melissa Johns’ iCloud was hacked and explicit photos of her were released online. A young disabled woman with a history of body dysmorphia comes to terms with her body becoming public property. Last month Snatched opened in Manchester and London receiving standing ovations, sell out audiences and rave reviews.

A few tickets still remain for the critically acclaimed production. Check out the reviews and footage from the show and book now!

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Supported by The Lowry Salford and Arts Council England.