Guest Blog – Big Hero 6 Review – by Heather Gibson

‘Sit back and allow your imagination to teleport you into the si-fi-tastic world of San Fransokyo and surround yourself with a bunch of new “nerd”-y friends. In the world of Big Hero 6, science is the name of the game and clever is seriously cool.

‘Big Hero 6 tells a classic tale of good vs. evil (robots of course!) intertwined with the heart-warming coming of age of an extremely brave young boy, Hiro Hamada. A charming mash-up of Disney humour, gadgets and stunts more recognisable from your favourite sci-fi thriller and a tale of true friendship, Big Hero 6 made me laugh out loud, cling to the edge of my seat and bring tears to my eyes all within the space of two, jam-packed, hours.

‘The animation in Big Hero 6 was stunning and a piece of art work in its own right, and fully succeeded in transporting me into the fantastical world of Big Hero 6 with the lingering sentiment that “the only limits are your imagination.” I love the idea that anything is possible in San Fransokyo and anyone can do wonderful things with the help of your friends and a trusty Baymax (trust me; it’ll make sense when you see it!).

‘Big Hero 6 has all the Disney Animation credentials making for a very uplifting, feel-good cinema experience and I am sure it will follow suit of Frozen in the popularity stakes.

‘It may be a little cliché to say, but there really is something for all the family in Big Hero 6; the perfect treat for the half term hols.’

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