Guest Blog – Review of Classic Ghosts

Sponsors, Kendall Wadley, came along to the opening night performance of Classic Ghosts on Wed 11 February. Liz Needham has written the following review of what she thought about the two ghost stories:

Whistle and I’ll come to you, my lad

This was a fantastic play, spine tingling and gave me goose bumps on more than one occasion! The music was dramatic and the sound effects added to the eerie atmosphere.

The back drop was a beach scene and you could hear the waves on the shore all the time, you actually felt like you were in the Hotel by the sea. The inclusion of film in the back drop was very effective.

There were some frightening surprises which actually made me jump and scream out, along with the rest of the audience. There were also some very unexpected events that completely put me off guard, all adding to the drama to make this a very scary experience.

The two main characters Professor Parkin and Colonel Wilson worked really well together, with a combination of a sceptic and a believer. Fantastic acting by both.

There was even moments of humour from the supporting actors with good one liners.If you a good scary ghost story you will love this. Hope it doesn’t give me nightmares!

The Signalman

This play was less dramatic and shocking, but it was creepier than the first. No moments of humour here!

Good story with twists and turns well-acted. Jack played a totally different character in this play. This shows us what a brilliant actor he is.

The set was out of this world, amazing very realistic. This combined with the sound effects of the train really made this stand apart from any other plays I have seen.

Jack Shepherd played the signalman perfectly and we really felt the anguish of this troubled soul. Good plot twists at the end too. Very enjoyable although for me the shocking drama and surprises of the first play made Oh Whistle and I’ll come to you my lad my favourite.

Classic Ghosts runs at The Courtyard until Saturday 14 February.