Jane Eyre opens to rave reviews!

Jane Eyre opens to rave reviews on its opening night!

On Monday night (3 October), we held an open dress run for press and guests to attend. A drinks reception was held afterwards with the cast and crew to celebrate a very successful first performance! Tuesday night (4 October) was opening night and we’ve received many wonderful reviews from audience members so far…

A group of people in Victorian dress stand onstage holding flaming torches in red atmospheric lighting

Audience quotes

“A compelling and powerful performance with stunning lighting and costume. A real explosion of creative talent, from both professionals and local actors. You must see this!” (Audience member)

“I loved each and every character. The set was fantastic, the lighting was great, and the cast were phenomenal. If you see one thing this Autumn, make it Jane Eyre!” (Audience member)

A woman stands with her hand out in front of her touching another hand that reaches out to her. She is lit in bright red atmospheric lighting and looks concerned A young girl in Victorian dress and a bonnet stands with her hands in front of her looking anxiously at a man who wears a suit, with his hands behind his back A man dressed as a priest stands talking in front of a woman in a white wedding dress and a man in a blue suit jacket and pink cravat. A woman in a long dress and nightgown stands behind them watching

“A poignant retelling of a wonderful classic. All the characters were brought to life brilliantly.” (Audience member)

“A perfect mix of romance, passion, mystery, and pathos.” (Audience member)

A young girl wearing a green dress and white bows in her hair looks up, smiling A man and woman in Victorian dress embrace under blue lighting A woman stands in a white wedding dress, a woman in a black Victorian maid's dress stands behind, helping to do up her dress

Rave reviews

“I was very impressed with all the actors, but particularly the Youth Theatre. It really goes to show how important theatre is within the younger community, there was so much talent for all to see.” (Audience member)

“I was so invested in Jane Eyre’s life, I almost forgot I was at the theatre. Such a moving and powerful performance.” (Audience member)

A woman crouches on the ground. A woman in a maid's costume stands reaching down to her next to a man in a suit who clutches his shoulder looking pained. A woman stands next to him in a white wedding dress Two women in Victorian dress stand holding flaming torches in a red atmospheric light A black and white image of a girl wearing a white bonnet, looking concerned

“I have never read Jane Eyre but I loved the story. A must see for all theatre fans.” (Audience member)

“Absolutely fantastic! A joy to watch from start to finish.” (Audience member)

A woman in Victorian dress walking through a wooden door lit in blue lighting A woman in a pink satin dress holding her hands in front of her smiling A close up of a woman in a black maid's dress and bonnet, clasping her hands in front of her and thoughtfully smiling

“An amazing portrayal of the character from one of literature’s great masterpieces. I was hooked all the way through.” (Audience member)

“A really creative portrayal of Jane Eyre. I loved the fire scene especially.” (Audience member)

A close up of a man in Victorian dress wearing a brown waistcoat and white cravat, looking sideways and smiling A woman stood looking concerned in a long dress and nightgown under red lighting A close up of a woman in a brown striped dress talking passionately holding a mirror

“It was an absolute delight to see my favourite novel Jane Eyre brought to life onstage. The actors blew me away and and the set was very inventive!” (Audience member)

“A thrilling performance. I was captivated all the way through.” (Audience member)

Two girls wearing brown checked dresses and white bonnets kneel whilst sewing A woman in a brown dress kneeling before a person with a scarf draped over their head A woman in a Victorian dress stands holding her hands in front of her looking stern

There is still time to see this thrilling, bold, and inventive adaptation of Charlotte Bronte’s classic masterpiece at The Courtyard! It runs from Wednesday 5 – Saturday 8 October 7.30pm, with matinees on Thursday 6 and Saturday 8 October 2.30pm, and an audio described performance on Saturday 8 matinee 2.30pm.

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