Lockdown Valentine’s Day Ideas

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner and the end of lockdown nowhere in sight, we thought we’d put together a few ideas to make celebrating Valentines Day special, from the comfort and safety of your own home!


Have A Candle Lit Dinner

Have a candle lit dinner

Cooking together can be fun and romantic, why not mix things up and make it so that one of you is blindfolded and can’t see and the other isn’t allowed to speak?! You’ll have to help each other using your sense of touch and we think that is guaranteed to get things heated up in the kitchen!

If cooking isn’t your thing, lots of independent food outlets in Hereford are offering tasty treats this Valentines Day. Why not let someone else do the work and order from one of the following:

No.9 The Balcony

Ponte Veccio

The Bookshop


Divine Donuts



Get Creative

Get creative with your partner

Do something together that gets your creative juices flowing. How about a private life drawing class? Or write a song using all the happy memories of your time together? Maybe you could take a dance class together? Or print off photographs and make a collage timeline of your journey?  Whatever it is, doing an activity together is proven to strengthen your relationship.



Have A Movie Night

Have a movie night

BFI, Curzon and MUBI have a range of romantic films from classic to contemporary. If you’re not living with your Valentine right now, why not arrange a post-watch Zoom or Facetime to discuss what you thought?



Play A Game

Play a game

Get competitive and challenge your loved one to a game of Monopoly, Scrabble, Uno, Twister or cards.

Or, if you’ve got access to a computer, why not try an online Escape Room Game? Working together to crack clues, unlock doors and escape from whatever scenario you choose is bound to bring you closer (or it could ruin your relationship, we take no responsibility!). Clue Cracker have a range of online escape games including a haunted house, a perfect opportunity for some hand holding!



Go Digital

Go online

If you’re not bubbling with your loved one this Valentine’s Day, why not organise a Zoom date? You could play an online Escape Room game together and order each other their favourite local takeaway. Or simply sit down with a cocktail (or mocktail!) and share all the things you appreciate about one another.