Meet The Verdict Cast

Middle Ground Theatre Company are bringing The Verdict to The Courtyard this February with a star studded cast. We’ve been looking back at some of the highlights of their careers…

Ian Kelsey

In The Verdict Ian Kelsey plays Frank Galvin. Galvin is a washed up, alcoholic lawyer. In debt up to his eyeballs, he is presented with a medical malpractice which offers the possibility of beginning the road to redemption.

You may remember him from a number of soaps but we’re throwing way back to his role in 1994’s Black Beauty as older Joe Green. Here’s the emotional moment when Joe and Beauty are reunited:

Denis Lill

Denis Lill is Moe Katz, a Jewish lawyer in his late seventies. Katz is a voice of reason and desperately tries to help his wayward protégé. Denis Lill has an impressive back catalogue of performances included Rodney’s disapproving father-in-law Alan Parry in Only Fools and Horses, Captain Simulant in Red Dwarf and, among others, Sir Talbot Buxomly in Blackadder. Some wonderful looks for Dennis:

Paul Opacic

Paul Opacic takes on the role of Dr Towler, Boston’s leading gynaecologist and chief of gynaecology at St Catherine’s hospital. Dr Towler is also fellow of the International College of Surgeons.

Paul’s taken on a number of roles over the years, here he is in a classic Hollyoaks “she said what?!” moment:

Christopher Ettridge

Lawyer and partner in the biggest law firm in Boston, J Edgar Concannon is played by Christopher Ettridge. He has a reputation for being a ruthless winner and is very much part of the Establishment. It seems Christopher and Denis have Nicholas Lyndhurst in common, here Christopher and Nicholas are with the rest of the Goodnight Sweetheart cast:

Richard Walsh

Richard Walsh (London’s Burning, Heartbeat, Midsomer Murders) is Bishop Brophy. Brophy was the youngest member of The Roman Catholic Hierarchy to be picked to become a bishop of Boston at just 39 years old. Previously starring in London’s Burning, Richard once spent a shift at London’s real fire stations with co-stars Clive Wood & Zoe Heyes:

Karen Drury

Karen Drury plays Mary Rooney a devout catholic who has served 25 years as a paediatric nurse. Karen was a regular on old favourite, Brookside, do you remember the dramatic episode where her character, Susannah, crashed her car?