Mental Health Project Teacher’s Induction

Mental Health Project Teacher’s Induction

Last week saw the launch of this year’s award winning children’s mental health project, #TalkAwayDontWalkAway, with an inspiring teachers induction day.

A teacher who attended the induction said:

“A huge thank you for your fantastic workshop today… I’ve been on! Everyone I spoke to commented on how good it was and all the great ideas they were taking away with them. Absolutely not your average teacher training!”

The teachers rounded off their induction day with writing their own #pledges of either things they are taking away from the session or ways in which they are going to look after their own wellbeing!

Project coordinator Rebecca Cook talking to a group of teachers A group of people are crouched on the floor in a circle, in the middle three more people are stood up Four people are tightly squeezed into a large hula hoop, a session leader wearing a yellow t-shirt is looking at them smiling Three groups of people are making different shapes with their bodies A group of people stand in a room with a grey floor, behind them is a black theatre curtain

With young people’s mental health at an all-time low, funding from The Eveson Trust has enabled 24 schools to participate in this much needed project this year.

“It is a privilege to work with so many brilliant schools in Herefordshire and support them in conversations and learning around mental health.” said #TalkAwayDontWalkAway project coordinator Rebecca Cook, “We are so excited to work with them over the next few months and celebrate all they have achieved at our sharing days in May!”

About the project

In 2019 The Courtyard’s Education team launched a brand new mental health project #TalkAwayDontWalkAway. The project aims to open up the discussion around mental health with young people. And, to support them with ways in which they can help themselves and one another.

With the support of Herefordshire Community Foundation and Herefordshire Mind, The Courtyard’s Education team are able to provide the #TalkAwayDontWalkAway Mental Health Project for schools and youth groups.

The project includes: a two-hour workshop delivered at the school, access to five digital workshops for a term, the opportunity to perform on The Courtyard’s main stage at the #TalkAwayDontWalkAway Sharing Day, activity booklets for each student, information booklets for teachers and badges for all participants.

In September 2019 The Courtyard were awarded a Health and Social Care Mental Health Award for the project.

Find out more about #TalkAwayDontWalkAway, The Courtyard’s award-winning mental health project.