Our Top 5 Benedict Cumberbatch Characters!

As Benedict Cumberbatch makes his debut as Hamlet at the Barbican Centre, we take a look at our top five favourite Cumberbatch characters!

With scores of fervent Cumberpeople everywhere, we wanted to pay homage to the multi-talent that is…


5) Khan Noonien Singh – Star Trek Into Darkness

We loved seeing ol’ Benny as a baddy!

Khan Noonien Singh Star Trek

4) Stephen Hawking

Long before Eddie Redmayne came along, Cumberbatch executed a critically acclaimed portrayal of Stephen Hawking. The 2004 BBC Television was nominated for two BAFTA awards.

Stephen Hawking

3) Peter Guillam – Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Cumberbatch plays the head of “Scalphunters”, the violent division of ‘The Circus’, alongside iconic actors Gary Oldman, Colin Firth and John Hurt.

Peter Guillam

2) Sherlock Holmes

This is a very obvious number 2 choice, but come on, it’s like he was born to be Sherlock!

Sherlock Holmes

1) Smaug – The Hobbit Series

Because… who doesn’t want to be a dragon?!


I’m sure Hamlet will make it on to the list, with first comments such as:

“By the time he took his bows… drenched in sweat, the audience were on their feet, clamouring for more.” Jan Moir, Daily Mail

We’ll be screening Hamlet Live on 15 October, 7pm and Hamlet Encore 23 & 24 October, 7pm. Don’t miss it!