An Interview with the Peter Pan Characters

Q1. How did you get here today?

PETER PAN: I flew in through the window.

MRS SMEE: Roller skates. You can’t get me off them since I was a babe in bloomers. They are a darn site faster than any other form of transport trying to get up Edgar Street!

CAPTAIN HOOK: Mr Smee carried me, I was feeling a little tired from searching for Peter


TINKERBELL: On my bike, of course!


Q2. What’s your favourite thing about Neverland?


TINKERBELL: That we can do whatever we want and no-one ever has to stop playing!

CAPTAIN HOOK: Having my pirate ship, the Jolly Roger!

PETER PAN: There are no rules so I can do whatever I like. I especially like annoying the pirates.

MRS SMEE: Where do I start? It’s magical yet frightening. Beautiful yet Mesmerising. Mystical yet exciting. A bit like Leominster really. My favourite thing is the peace and quiet – cos I’m a homely bird, me.


Q3. If you could ask for one thing for Christmas, what would it be?

PETER PAN: Someone to come tell us stories. I love stories! Adventure stories are the best

MRS SMEE: A good fitting bra. Like Beryl Reid used to say (the older members of the audience will know who I mean) “if the bra fits – everything falls in to place.” Katie Price might learn a thing or two from me!

TINKERBELL: A new bell for my bike!

CAPTAIN HOOK: A new left hand!


Q4. Can you describe yourself in three words?


MRS SMEE:  Lovable, Energetic, Mischievous

TINKERBELL: Quick, fun and michevious!

CAPTAIN HOOK: Gorgeous, magnificent & conniving!

PETER PAN: Never Growing Up.


Q5. Tell us an interesting fact that we may not know about you.


TINKEBELL: I built my bike myself!

PETER PAN: Sometimes pixie dust can make me sneeze but Tinkerbell and I think that it’s funny! She can always make me laugh.

MRS SMEE: Not many people will know that I do the stunts for Dame Maggie Smith in DOWNTON ABBEY. Yes, every time she has to go on horseback or indeed just walk around the estate with the camera behind her – it is really me you are watching. It all started when I was a young thing doubling as Emma Peel for Dame Diana Rigg in THE AVENGERS. Dame Darcey Bussell’s lot have just been on the blower, but quite honestly, she just needs help to get on and off her chair, so I’m not rushing to respond.

CAPTAIN HOOK: I used to teach ugly, smelly children the alphabet but it didn’t work out … I spent years being stuck at C! (I thank you!)