Pride & Prejudice – Meet The Cast

With only one month to go until The Courtyard Production of Pride and Prejudice takes to the stage we caught up with two of our Youth Theatre Members who will be performing in the production. As well as four professional actors who will be performing the roles of Mr & Mrs Bennet, Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy, The Courtyard Youth Theatre will also be performing in this pro-am production.


“The audition itself was quite nerve-racking despite the fact I felt prepared. Overall I thought the audition went quite well however there’s always room for improvement and I know that I did miss out a line in one of my monologues but hopefully the Director didn’t notice!

A few weeks after the audition I had a phone call from The Courtyard which made me feel excited but a little nervous. It was a pleasant surprise when I was told that I had got the part of Mary Bennet! I was really excited and extremely grateful for such an exciting opportunity and couldn’t wait to see the script and get started on the rehearsals.

Preparing for the role and getting into character is one of my favourite parts of being part of a performance, as it means I can really explore another personality and someone else’s characteristics. It’s also a really good way to showcase the performance skills that we regularly practise during Youth Theatre. Having performed in Lord Of The Flies, I feel more confident going into the process as I know what to expect. I’m also really looking forward to working with professional actors again as I learnt so much during Lord Of The Flies and cannot wait to work with a female actress this time round.”

“I love The Courtyard and the opportunities that I get from being part of Youth Theatre and cannot wait to make many more new friends during Pride and Prejudice.”



“Preparing for my first Courtyard audition was an exciting but daunting prospect. However, I had enjoyed being part of the Junior Youth Theatre production of Alice In Wonderland so much, that I felt I would really like to participate in Pride and Prejudice.

I started my preparation early, by choosing two monologues and learning a few lines each day, enjoying adding expressions and actions gradually over time. I also gathered together some costume pieces, all of which I felt deepened my understanding of the characters.

Entering the audition room, I was physically shaking and I felt a great weight upon my shoulders. However, as soon as I began my monologues, I was a different person and completely oblivious to my nerves – I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

I was in the car when I received the call and was thrilled to be in the production, but especially pleased to be playing Miss Georgiana Darcy. Both the novel and film version have been long-standing favourites of mine, so I am looking forward to putting myself in Georgiana’s vulnerable shoes, in order to prepare for my role.

“Having the amazing opportunity to work with professional actors will be such an inspirational experience. I can’t wait to learn from the very best. For me, Hereford without The Courtyard is unimaginable. It reaches out to the whole community and is constantly innovating new opportunities, to which everyone can aspire and enjoy.”

Pride & Prejudice will be in the Main House from Tuesday 3 – Saturday 7 October at 7.30pm with a 2pm matinee on Thursday & Saturday. Sponsored by Rotherwood Healthcare