Relaxed Performances

The Courtyard Hereford Relaxed PerformanceWhat are Relaxed Performances?

Relaxed Performances are specifically designed for those who would appreciate a less formal theatre environment. Audience members are welcome to leave their seats, make noise and move around as they wish – imagine the opposite of the quiet carriage on a train. Small changes to the light and sound effects will be made to reduce any anxiety. A quiet, sensory room will also be provided for audience members to use if they need a break from the performance.

The aim is to retain all the magic of the theatre but in a more relaxed environment.

Who is it for?

The relaxed performance is open to everyone but may benefit individuals with autism spectrum conditions, learning difficulties or sensory and communication difficulties. Visual aids for getting around the venue can be provided and a social story is also available to help familiarise audience members with the venue and performance before the show.

How is it different to other performances?

Here are some examples of small changes that may be made and additional facilities provided:

  • Lights over the auditorium will remain on low throughout the performance.
  • Some of the effects in the show may be toned down, especially if they involve sudden loud noises or flashes of bright light.
  • Audience members will be free to move around during the show.
  • There will be audience participation, but individuals will not be picked on at random.
  • Additional staff and stewards will be on board to help.
  • For our relaxed Pantomime someone will hold up signs during the show to warn about loud noises
  • A chill out room is provided if you wish to take a break from the performance

Social Story

We create tailored social story especially for our relaxed performances. You can download these from the event pages. They are designed to help you prepare for your visit. They talk you through arriving, picking up tickets and how the show will work.

We have also created a generic social story for visiting The Courtyard for a film or live event.

Download the generic show / film Social Story here

See a video Social Story for The Courtyard here

If you have any more questions after reading a social story please feel free to call Box Office. Keep an eye out here for social stories for our upcoming relaxed performances.

To find out more about relaxed performances at The Courtyard please don’t hesitate to get in touch at

Find out more about Access at The Courtyard.

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