Spectrum | Spreading a new positive message

Spectrum is about the everyday struggles different teenagers have to face and the journeys they go on. I play a girl who suffers from social anxiety and the effect this has on her relationship with her best friend, who tries to convince her to get help.

I wanted to create this performance to make more people aware of mental health and teenage stresses.

We wanted to reduce the stigma around mental health as well as reducing the negative stereotypes of teenagers.
We have researched different topics surrounding young people and used statistics and figures. Additionally, we have interviewed and talked to young carers to get direct quotes.

Through this performance, I hope to learn more about topics not usually talked about such as young carers and mental health so that I can empathise with those suffering from it.
I think an audience should come and see Spectrum to understand more about stigmatised topics so they can spread a new positive message around.

Anna Clarke Spectrum
Anna Clarke

SPECTRUM will be in The Courtyard’s Studio on the Monday 30 July at 7.00pm. To book tickets for Spectrum click here, or for more information contact the Box Office on 01432 340555.

Spectrum is also being performed at The Conquest Theatre, Bromyard on Friday 27 and Saturday 28 July at 7pm. Friday’s performance at The Conquest Theatre will be followed by a Q & A with members of the cast and professionals who assisted with the creation of Spectrum.