Spotlight on: Open Theatre

Shining a spotlight on Open Theatre. An inclusive arts company working with young people and artists with learning disabilities. Open Theatre are delivering An Insight Into Working In The Arts  the inclusive arts masterclass as part of our FORGE programme.

Who are Open Theatre?

Open Theatre is an inclusive arts company. They use nonverbal, physical theatre to collaborate with Young People with Learning Disabilities. Their aim is to create quality art which reflects and celebrates their participants’ unique creativity.
Open Theatre wholeheartedly believe in the ability of young people with learning disabilities to contribute to their home’s creative and cultural life. And, they work as advocates for their valued involvement as artists and leaders.

Why do you like working for Open Theatre?

I love to work in a very physical way with music and movement taking the place of conventional language or text. The work we do at Open Theatre is all about connection and discovering the authentic creativity we all have inside of us. Ultimately, it’s about creating joy in a space to enable people to develop and grow as an artist and a human being.
– Melissa Daly, Associate Director for Open Theatre

Coming up… FORGE Inclusive Arts Masterclass

We are delighted that Open Theatre will be delivering one of our FORGE workshops, An Insight Into Working In The Arts. The session is aimed at those with additional needs who would like to pursue a career in the arts. However, it is open to all. As such, the workshop promises to be as beneficial to those without learning disabilities as for those with them.
Marlien van Liempt, a very experienced Open Theatre practitioner, will lead the FORGE workshop. She was the Assistant Director on their production of Hansel & Gretel. Three of the actors with additional needs will join Marlien.