Here are the ways in which you can reach targeted audiences and visitors to The Courtyard:


We produce several show programmes a year including Pantomime and Youth Theatre. These are designed to a high standard and reflect the overall design for the production. The shelf life of our programmes are longer than much other print in Herefordshire due to their ‘souvenir’ status and Business Club members receive 25% discount.


The premium outside back cover (OBC) of our main season brochure is available each season (Spring, Summer, Autumn). Being the only commercial advertising allowed in the brochure, this is a stand-out opportunity and guarantees one business high visibility with both regular Courtyard attendees and the wider general public because we print 15,000 season brochures of which 7,500 are mailed direct to households and 7,500 distributed widely across the County.


The Courtyard ticket wallets are a way of safekeeping tickets that are mailed out to customers or issued over the Box Office counter for future shows. Every year over 120,000 tickets are issued and our wallet is designed to be neat and compact, fitting easily into pockets, handbags and jackets. Its unique fold-out design has 12-14 spaces for high-level advertising promotion, with the added advantage that each design is in use for 12 months (see example, right).


Catch the busy footfall in our award-winning Café Bar by advertising on our eye catching situated right next to the coffee machine which shows an interesting mix of show and venue information as well as advertising for local businesses.


Communicate with 1,100 plus core supporters via our lively membership magazine, published three times a year – March, July, Nov. Advertising is extremely targeted and reaches an older, discerning audience known to be supportive of local products and services. See right for an example.


Annual contracts are available for A4 ad spaces within the Men’s, Ladies and Accessible facilities and for A3 advertising spaces in the Media Suite (ground floor foyer). An annual contract is also available for the large panel at the far end of the porch entrance into the Cafe Bar (from our car park).

 To find out more about advertising opportunities, please contact Helena Whittingham on 01432 346503, email