Talk Away Don’t Walk Away 2024

Talk Away Don’t Walk Away, The Courtyard’s mental health project for children and young people

Talk Away, Don’t Walk Away. #TalkAwayDontWalkAway is The Courtyard’s mental health awareness project for young people in Herefordshire. Using drama, practical exercises and games, children explore what mental health is. They also look at ways that they can look after their mental health and promote positive wellbeing.

The project started in 2018, working with pupils in secondary schools and colleges. We have now developed the project to work with primary school pupils aged 4-11 with practical workshops, as well as a digital project which focuses on the five steps to wellbeing. Herefordshire Mind have helped support and guide the creation og these workshops. Practitioners who lead the sessions are also trained in Mental Health First Aid.

We’re out and about doing workshops in schools and the response to our workshops have been overwhelming. Come back to see some of the amazing work being done.

Stay tuned as we announce what’s happening for 2024