The Courtyard gives a Grantastic review!

On Wednesday 4 April, The Courtyard took a trip to The Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham to see the hilarious but moving performance of Gangsta Granny!

Based on the book by the award winning author David Walliams, Birmingham Stage Company has wonderfully adapted the story for the stage, much to the delight of children and adults alike.

Ben (11, nearly 12) despises Friday evening’s spent with Granny, eating endless amounts of cabbage-based foods and playing boring scrabble. But Ben’s life changes when he stumbles upon a biscuit tin filled to the brim with jewels and discovers his Granny is an international jewel thief! A Gangsta Granny! Dodging the watchful eyes of nosy Mr. Parker, Ben and Granny hatch a plan to steal the crown jewels!

With a cleverly designed pop-out, spinning stage and glorious costumes, the story intertwines themes of companionship and the importance of following your dreams, with an everlasting supply of humour throughout. From Granny’s obsession with cabbage to her trusty (but slow) getaway mobility scooter and the farting Queen, there was no shortage of hearty, infectious laughter that filled the room!

Gangsta Granny will be in The Courtyard’s Main House from Tuesday 8 – Saturday 12 May. To book tickets, or for more information contact the Box Office on 01432 340555 or visit

Don’t miss it!