The Courtyard is the Dementia Friendly Organisation of the Year!

On Wednesday 27 November, 2019 The Courtyard was invited to attend the Alzheimer’s Society’s annual Dementia Friendly Awards. We were nominated for Dementia Friendly Organisation of the Year – small/medium category for our Creative Ageing work with local people who live with dementia.

Finance Assistant Jordan Todd and Marketing & Audience Development Manager Robyn Barratt travelled to London to the event which took place at The Royal Horseguards. Both are trained Dementia Champions and deliver monthly Dementia Friends Information Sessions to all new staff as well as members of the public who are interested in creating a more dementia friendly society.

Jordan Todd at the Dementia Friendly Awards 2019

Jordan also acts as our Access Ambassador, leading a team of staff to ensure that we are always working towards being as accessible and inclusive as possible. Robyn has taken over the co-ordination of our dementia friendly events including our annual Dementia Friendly Pantomime, Dementia Friendly Screenings and The Courtyard’s Spectacular Tea Dance!

The awards were hosted by “loose woman” and dementia advocate, Jane Moore, who spoke beautifully about her good friend and national treasure, Barbara Winsor. Barbara was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s 6 years ago but only announced this publically earlier this year. After the announcement, Jane went to the theatre with Barbara and her husband, who was also in attendance at the awards, to see the anniversary concert of Les Miserables. During the interval Jane took Barbara to the loo and was overcome with reassurance and comfort in the knowledge that everyone was aware of Barbara’s condition. They were able to have an enjoyable time at the theatre without fear of judgement. This is the environment we have been striving to create for over ten years and will continue to do so with this award under our belt.

Scott Mitchel, Jane Moore and Jeremy Hughes

Scott Mitchell, Jane Moore and Jeremy Hughes singing Row, Row, Row Your Boat along with Singing for the Brain

This was the first time The Courtyard has been nominated for a Dementia Friendly Award and we are thrilled to proudly display the trophy in our cabinet next to the main entrance.