The Courtyard Welcomes its 100th Patron

We are delighted to announce that Mr. David Mains of Leominster has become the 100th Patron to pledge support to The Courtyard!

The Courtyard’s Patron Scheme offers an opportunity to support what we do and to take advantage of a number of benefits and social activities. In increasingly challenging economic times, we are ever more dependent on the support of our loyal Friends and Patrons, so if you love what we do, please consider joining one of our membership schemes.

We spoke to David about his love of the arts programme at The Courtyard and why he has chosen to become a Patron:

“On my retirement 17 years ago I moved to Herefordshire after working in retail for 50 years. My main sporting hobby is golf and I spend most days at the club either playing or attending to various committee issues. After my wife passed away just over 5 years ago I found myself looking for additional entertainment, and I was pleasantly surprised to find what I was looking for right on my doorstep at The Courtyard.
The reason I changed my membership to become a Patron was to offer support as I know funding is an ever increasing problem, we have the same problem at the golf club, and I would not wish to lose the facilities available at this Arts Centre. I try to encourage my friends to support The Courtyard, and I must admit that until 5 years ago I believed the sort of entertainment I liked was not available in the local area, but I was surprised to find that it was and The Courtyard has played a huge role in my life since. Every time I visit The Courtyard it is well attended with a great food & drinks service and increasing facilities.”

Thank you David, we welcome you to The Courtyard family!

To find out more about membership options, please visit The Courtyard’s dedicated membership page. Alternatively, contact Ollie Wheatley on, 01432 346533.