The Fat Friendly Seat Campaign

Seat Widths

Seats in our Main House and Studio Theatre are approximately 450mm wide. Arm rests are not removable from these seats.

If you would like to be seated in armless seats this is possible in our Main House boxes or front row Studio on request. Please call Box Office to book or get in touch via

As an organisation with inclusivity at its heart, The Courtyard is embracing the Fat Friendly Seat Campaign. It urges UK theatres to actively address the needs of fat people and promote body positivity. The Courtyard aims to reduce shame and stigma surrounding body size. Stand-up comedian Sofie Hagen, a leading advocate for acceptance of fat people, has wholeheartedly supported this initiative. In 2022 she went so far as to request venues she tours to incorporate seat width information on their websites.

Understanding the Fat Friendly Seat Campaign

The Fat Friendly Seat Campaign is a movement dedicated to making public spaces more welcoming and accommodating for fat individuals. The campaign focuses on challenging the status quo. Standard seating options often fail to comfortably accommodate larger bodies, leading to discomfort, embarrassment, and exclusion. By raising awareness and advocating for wider seats, the campaign seeks to promote inclusivity, celebrate body diversity, and challenge societal beauty standards.

Sofie Hagen: An Advocate for Change

Stand-up comedian Sofie Hagen has emerged as a prominent voice in the fight against body shaming and fatphobia. Drawing from her personal experiences and struggles, Hagen has used her platform to challenge the narrow ideals of beauty prevalent in society. She believes that it’s crucial for entertainment venues to provide adequate seating options to ensure that fat individuals can enjoy live performances without feeling uncomfortable or self-conscious. We hope one day to invite her to perform on The Courtyard stage.

The Courtyard’s Commitment to the Campaign

Recognizing the importance of providing a safe and inclusive environment for all our audience members, The Courtyard has actively embraced the principles of the Fat Friendly Seat Campaign. By incorporating this information on our website, we are taking proactive steps to ensure that fat individuals can make informed choices about their theatre experience.

UK theatre’s embrace of the Fat Friendly Seat Campaign marks a significant step towards inclusivity and accessibility within the entertainment industry.

As we move forward, let us remember that inclusivity is not just a buzzword; it is a genuine commitment to ensuring that everyone can participate fully and unapologetically in society. The Courtyard’s dedication to fat-friendly seating is a powerful stride towards being a more accepting and inclusive venue.