Top Film Picks from New Marketing Assistant – Ethan

Hi I’m Ethan! I’m the new Marketing Assistant here at Courtyard! I’m a film lover from Halifax, West Yorkshire with a love of world cinema. I’ve spent recent years studying for my BA and MA in Film Studies and Business, whilst travelling around the world to various festivals! I’m coming to Courtyard from Phoenix Cinema, Leicester and I’m thoroughly enjoying the change in environment! Now for some of my top film picks and a little more about my taste…

My Favourite Film: Jaws (1975)

My Favourite Film - Jaws - Shark attacking a boat


I know it’s a common favourite, but Jaws holds a special place in my heart. Back in secondary school I had taken some time of school for illness and in all honesty, I blagged a few extra days off so I could spend time with my granddad. On my last day off he took me into town and we were browsing HMV when I spotted the DVD for Jaws. Astounded at the thought I hadn’t experienced it, my granddad bought it and we rushed home for a screening. Throughout, he only watched me to take pleasure from every jump and squeal I made as Ben Gardner’s head rolled through the hole of a ship.

All this sparked my love of films that led me down the road I’m on today. In my granddads absence I still watch his favourites from time to time. I’m thankful for his enthusiasm (and sometimes cruelty) in sharing so many iconic films with me.


My Most Recent Watch: Blood Red Sky (2021)

My Most Recent Watch - Blood Red Sky - Airplane passengers cower in the aisle as blood red handprints are visible on the seats


I promise not all of these are going to be horror based, but sometimes I can’t resist a bit of blood and gore. No recent film provides this as much as Netflix’s Blood Red Sky, a German horror/thriller. Whilst flying from Berlin to New York, passengers are victims of a high jacking but one of the passengers isn’t as defenceless as the rest, as she hides a monstrous secret. I won’t say anymore as it’s a brilliant film to go into blind, but if you enjoy an action packed horror film, you’re in for a treat. If you do want to read more, check out a review here

Film I’m Most Looking Forward to: Dune (2021)

Film I'm Most Looking Forward Too - Dune - Timothée Chalamet as Paul Atreides holding a knife


And then there was Dune. Every screenwriter and director’s worst nightmare since the publishing of Frank Herbert’s iconic novel in 1965. But after 2 failed attempts (Alejandro Jodorowsky and Ridley Scott), and the critical and financial failure David Lynch’s adaptation, Dune is back and in the hands of my favourite director Denis Villeneuve! If you have seen his previous work (Blade Runner 2049, Arrival and Prisoners as a few) then his abilities for storytelling and direction need no introduction. From the footage and reviews of Dune so far, it looks like a career defining masterpiece.

I would also recommend reading the book prior to watching the film (which promises to fulfil at least the first half), but with it coming to The Courtyard in the coming months, there’s not much time left!

I’m sure you’ll hear from me from time to time and I’m looking forward to meeting more of The Courtyard community and sharing all the amazing films and live performances we have coming up!