War Game cast member Anna Clarke talks about the upcoming Youth Theatre production

War Game rehearsalsAs a remembrance of the First World War and as it is the 100 year anniversary of the Armistice, Conquest Seniors, Courtyard Seniors and Kington Seniors are working together to perform a piece based on the Michael Foreman novel, War Game.

The piece focuses on the men fighting on both sides, how similar they were, and how tragic it was that they had to loose their lives in what seems such a pointless way. War Game includes the family conflicts of enlisting, the bleak conditions of fighting as well as the truce and football game of Christmas Day. It is an emotional performance with an important message of why the horrors of war should never be repeated.

I am performing a German soldier called Gunter who, with his comrades, is on the front line of the trenches on Christmas Day and is involved in the football game.

An audience should come and see War Game as it is a way to remember the honorable men who lost their lives in such huge quantities in the First World War for our safety and peace. It will be engaging and a great way to spend a Saturday Night.