We hosted our first Wellbeing Week

We hosted our first ever Wellbeing Week for staff and stewards this week. Operations Manager Phil Pearcy organised an extensive schedule of activities for staff to drop into over the five days.

“There is compelling and growing evidence that arts and culture can help us keep well, improve our health outcomes and live longer, higher quality lives.” Said Phil Pearcy, “The week will ensure that staff are able to participate in arts activities and a wider wellbeing programme to help alleviate stress, anxiety and/or depression and promote wellness in the workplace.”


Staff Breakfast yoga ballet spaghetti tower competition Education workshop


The week began with a free cooked breakfast for all staff to enjoy, provided by our very own Café Bar team. Following this, staff were able to attend a variety of 10-40 minute sessions including Colour Yoga, Singing, Sound Bath, Escape Room, Dance and a host of fun, team building exercises and activities such as spaghetti tower building, pet therapy and massage. Communal spaces were also transformed for staff to get away from their desks to enjoy lunch and tea/coffee breaks whilst engaging with colleagues over a chat and a board game and a range of equipment including a spin bike, rowing machine, hammock and bean bags were made available to use at any time throughout the week.

15.4 million working days were lost to work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2017/2018 in the UK (Labour Force Survey) and our Wellbeing Week aimed to help alleviate work-related stress and dissatisfaction and to encourage staff and stewards to take notice of their mental and physical health.

The response to the week has been fantastic with one of our stewards commenting “Building a spaghetti tower seems pointless but as I went home I realised that I have been quite stressed recently and half an hour doing something silly with friends had made me laugh and I felt a lot better, thank you.”.

Our commitment to well being isn’t just restricted to staff, our Community Education Officer, Becky Cook also delivers our bespoke Mental Health project, Talk Away Don’t Walk Away to young people across Herefordshire. Take a look at our Mental Health Project page for more information.


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