What do Alfie, Lily and Katie love about Youth Theatre?

Courtyard Youth Theatre members Alfie, Lily and Katie tell us all about Youth Theatre, what’s been different during the pandemic, and why they love it so much.

Alfie – Year 3

Youth Theatre - Alfie Banks

Hello, my name is Alfie.

Youth Theatre has changed in many ways this term.  The classes have been on Zoom, which has been a lot of fun, and lots of new people have been joining.  I can’t wait to meet them in real life!

This term we have been exploring fairy tales.  Each week we tell a different story by acting out parts of the tale.  For example, one week we looked at The Three Little Pigs and each got a turn to play all the different characters.  I loved being the wolf!

If you have never been to Youth Theatre, then I think you should really give it a try!  It’s a great way to make friends and enjoy yourself doing acting, mime and learn other drama skills

What I look forward to most about Youth Theatre is playing lots of games, like scavenger hunts, Simon Says, ‘Freeze Frame’ and a really cool game where we have to draw a character that our teacher, Jamie, describes.  All these games really help us to use our imaginations, improve our acting skills and are lots of fun.

I get so excited about Youth Theatre every week because I always know I’m going to have a great time

Lily – Year 5

Youth Theatre - Lily Year 5

I’m Lily, I’m in Year 5 and I go to Youth Theatre.

It has been different this year because we haven’t been in the room yet. However, we are managing to do classes on Zoom which has been a lot of fun. And our teacher has been helping us since year 1 which we really enjoyed

We have been practicing narratives this term and writing our own script which I have found fun and very different which has been a great experience

My favourite things about Youth Theatre are making new friends and having fun! Learning new things and doing the shows. My favourite show so far has been the Wizard of Oz!

Youth Theatre is the most incredible place in the world, because you get to learn new techniques and meet some incredible people like my teachers!

It means a lot to me because I get to vibe with my friends and have fun playing games and doing shows, dressing up in the costumes and makeup!

Katie – Years 7 & 8

Youth Theatre - Katie McColganThis term Youth Theatre has been on zoom calls instead of actually meeting up. It’s been good because we’ve been able to use effects on Zoom to add humour to our calls.  I’ve been able to meet all my Youth Theatre friends just by being in my lounge on Zoom which was fun.

This term I’ve been writing a script and acting out, ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, but in an interview format.  I like writing plays and especially enjoyed the fact that I got to write the script.

I look forward to seeing my YT friends and getting to do the thing I enjoy most – Acting.

Youth Theatre is really fun and you make a lot of friends there. There are tonnes of little acts you can put together with your friends and practice all your facial expressions together – Crying, Happy, Silly, Angry.

Youth Theatre is my favourite club and it’s the best thing in my week!

There’s still time to join Youth Theatre for the Summer Term!
If you’re interested make sure you get in contact with takepart@courtyard.org.uk by the end of this week