Why The Courtyard is special to Lucas Harris

My name is Lucas Harris and I am part of the Senior Youth Theatre and The Writing Room group at The Courtyard.

Lucas in Midsummer Night's Dream

My experience at the Youth Theatre is truly amazing and I wouldn’t change it for anything. The Youth Theatre is an important part of my life and for many others and the reason because it’s a place where people can enjoy a break from the real world and take part in what they love.

From my time as part of the Youth Theatre, I have had incredible memories and special performances to look back on, but one of my personal favourites was my very first show which was A Midsummer Night’s Dream where I played the character of Peter Quince, the leader of the clowns. From playing this role, I gained more confidence in my performing and how to become more involved in a team.

The past year, unfortunately the pandemic put a halt to the Youth Theatre sessions but the past month they have started back up online and it is different, normally we’re all together rehearsing for our next big production. This term, we are looking at Verbatim Theatre and working towards to create our own piece of Verbatim Theatre.

The Writing Room classes


As well being part of the Youth Theatre I am also part of The Writing Room group which is where you can learn skills and use your own ideas to become and gain knowledge on how to become a great writer. This term, we are working towards our own 10 minute radio play about an important place in the city of Hereford, which is also going to be listened to by a live audience and possibly be shared online and broadcasted on a local radio station.

The Courtyard is so special and important not only to me but to other drama/writer enthusiasts in the local community and with everything going on in the present day, the Courtyard helps keep everyone connected through drama and having fun.

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