Writing for the stage

Every Monday morning a group of passionate writers gather at The Courtyard to develop their skills in the Writing For The Stage classes which are led by Tim Evans of Feral Productions.

Writing For The Stage gives up and coming playwrights the opportunity to develop their writing in a group situation. The class has been a long running part of The Courtyard’s programme. Over the years, it has seen a few changes but the key focus has always been to assist writers with the development of their craft.

Tony, who has been with the group since the beginning, commented on the technological changes that have occurred;

‘In the early days people would bring pen and paper or typewriters to the class, now people have laptops and computers!’

Susan, who has been a part of Writing For The Stage for over a decade, says that being a member of the group makes her look forward to Monday mornings. A keen writer from a child, she had articles published but had never considered writing for the stage until joining the sessions at The Courtyard. During her ten years as a member, she has been able to constantly develop herself as a writer. This sentiment was echoed by Alison, another long-standing member of Writing For The Stage, who really enjoys the creative challenges that get her thinking each week. Alison was also full of praise for group leader Tim whom she declared to be ‘young and vigorous, filled with ideas and lots of helpful feedback’.

Trudie, who has been attending the classes for three and a half years, aspires to write professionally for the radio. She has seen four of her pieces performed at Scratch Nights, something which she has found particularly helpful in her creative development, as it has ‘given her written word a voice’.

The group agreed that being able to work towards a performance has enhanced their creative practice and the process of seeing the production taking shape is fascinating. By scheduling performances, the writers are given the chance to see their writing in a new way and experience the audiences’ different reactions and interpretations of their text.

Feral Fox

WRITE ON FESTIVAL PRESENTS SCRATCH NIGHT will be in The Courtyard’s Studio on the Saturday 14 July at 7.45pm.

To book tickets for to SCRATCH NIGHT click here, or for more information contact the Box Office on 01432 340555.