Forged out of War by Pete Masters

Saturday 4 May 2024 To Sunday 9 June 2024

This is a free exhibition, no booking required.

Event Information

Pete Masters is a family man rooted in Hereford for over 20 years. Driven by a passion for photography, he ventured into the heart of conflict zones, previously Afghanistan, Iraq, and more recently, the Ukraine war with Russia. Embedded with the Ukrainian military in Bakhmut, his aim is to capture the raw, human stories hidden behind the headlines.

“Photography, for me, is a powerful means of raising awareness. All proceeds from my exhibitions, including this one, go to affected people and families I meet in throughout my travels.”

“My journey began in 2010 after a visit to Afghanistan, inspiring me to pursue a photography degree at university back home. The decision to repeatedly leave my family for the front lines isn’t easy, causing strains on relationships. Yet, I believe this sacrifice is essential to share the untold stories that demand our attention. This exhibition stands as a testament to my dedication, offering a glimpse into the human cost of conflict and the resilience of those affected.”