Runs for: 110 minutes.
Event runs on 19/7/2018 to – 21/7/2018.

You are invited to get yourself a drink, pull up a stool and spend the evening in our pub.
The Landlord and Landlady will welcome you and offer you an insight into the lives of some of the colourful regulars that pass through. But is it all as it seems? As the characters start to unravel so does the dark tragedy that is hanging over the pub.

Suitable for 14 years+
Contains strong language and adult themes

Showing date: 20/7/2018
Showing time: 19:45

Pricing for 20/7/2018 at 19:45: £12, Concession £10

Showing date: 21/7/2018
Showing time: 19:45

Pricing for 21/7/2018 at 19:45: £12, Concession £10