On the lookout for artists to take part in I.D. Night!

2Faced Dance Company and The Courtyard are on the lookout for artists to take part in I.D. Night on Thursday 19 April.

I.D. Night is a platform for emerging artists from all fields within the arts sector to display and perform their work. The aim of the evening is to equip up and coming artists with a taste of working professionally as part of the evening whilst also championing emerging talent.

This collaboration between 2Faced Dance and The Courtyard has already brought about several fantastic events. With work ranging from dance to spoken word and visual arts, I.D. Night has provided artists both locally and internationally with the opportunity to showcase their work.

Lisa Sullivan, 2Faced Dance Company, says:

“I.D. Night is the perfect opportunity for local, national and international artists to get their work seen by a live audience. The platform offers the opportunity for artists from any genre to have access to a professional space in which to showcase, not only their creativity, but also themselves, as creators. I would certainly urge local talent to step forward and grasp this opportunity. Apply today, be seen and who knows where it might lead you next?”

If you are interested in taking part in I.D. Night please email Charlie Dunne on education@2faceddance.co.uk by Monday 12 March… They would love to hear from you!

I.D. Night will be in The Courtyard’s Studio Theatre on Thursday 19 April at 7.45pm, click here to book now!