Top Tips for Self Isolating with TPG Disable Aids

The Courtyard is closed and we are all working from home. Self-isolating is a learning process for most of us so we reached out to our friends at TPG Disable Aids who sent us their top tips for self-isolating and we thought we’d share them with you. This is what Jayme from TPG had to say:


“Business as usual is a strange term for us to use during these times but just to reassure you that the team at TPG are still working; as we have a number of large NHS, Local Authority and Housing Association contracts so are classed as being part of the supply chain supporting Health and Social care and we will continue to work as “Key Workers” during these difficult times.

With many of our clients now self isolating our Managing Director Alastair Gibbs has the following advice

Check list for Home Isolation

Staying in is the new going out: not because it’s cool, but because it’s mandatory. And in these war-on-COVID-19 weeks, it pays to be prepared. No, I do not mean panic-buying pasta, stockpiling hand sanitiser or hoarding loo paper, but instead just giving a little bit of thought as to how to manage the ultimate staycation.

Time to think about where you are and your immediate surroundings.  That will dictate what is right for you.

How are you feeling?

If you are still feeling well but need to stay out of circulation you will probably need more forms of stimulation to keep the brain active and promote wellbeing. This could be spending time doing your home based hobby or perhaps getting those few jobs done around the home. Clearly you will need supplies to do this, and now is the time to get what you need. You may find you spend more time sitting and watching daytime T.V. than normal, so ensure the chair you are watching from is not going to cause you pressure sores or back pain due to the extended hours in the chair.

Move as much as you can!

Some form of exercise will be crucial to maintaining your health, so items such as a pedal exerciser or resistance bands can keep you moving without going anywhere. At the same time keeping levels of hydration up and trying to keep a varied diet with all of the essential nutrients and fibre will ensure you are as well as you can be to fight off any unwelcome virus.

If you become unwell, ring 111

Should you unfortunately start to feel unwell, do not go to the doctors or A&E, ring 111 and take the advice you are given. If that means taking to your bed have a good look at it now. Is it suitable for Home Nursing ? Would it be improved by a pressure care mattress or better still if it were height adjustable and profiling to allow you to sit up in bed for meal times.”